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For 10 years we`ve been improving business of our clients through business education, developing performance management systems, consulting, and providing various services in the field of human resources. We have successfully colaborated with great number of established companies in Serbia and abroad. At the end of the year 2013. we improved our business consolidating all of our services "Zaposlenje Org", "Obuke Rs" and "Seminari Edu" in the joint venture "iConsult d.o.o. Belgrade ".


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MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ARE TOOLS that provide to companies business modernization and upgrading, through more efficient employees and intern processes management. Systems were created as a result of many years of experience and working with clients on business advancement and optimization and employees’ performance development. Software support is progressive and consists of simple platform that is easy to use, but the focus is on the system that is being implemented and that contributes to business advancement, and software support facilitates system’s implementation and continual utilization. Systems are not made of concrete, they are “alive” and must be adjusted to each company, in order to make results efficient, progressive and visible.



Certified system for company and employees management, which enables owners and directors to have insight in relevant information and monitor effectiveness of the company, as well enables to managers to be better chefs and organize employees work more efficiently. System enables through goals setting, performance assessment, weak spots detection and constant development of employees competencies, which all leads to better result.



Certified system for controlling business and all activities management, which enables total control and monitoring of companies processes and employees efficiency, throughout efficient and adjustable methods, as well as potential errors early warning system. System enables managers to have precise insight into all processes and employees activities, which provides errors preventing, better resources optimization, team productivity increase and therefore larger profit.



Certified system for company and employees management, which enables managers and employees to organize work and activities better and to be more efficient, as well as to transparently know what is expected of them and in which deadlines. System enables clear and transparent insight in all company’s and employees activities, which enables correct estimation of every working position efficiency, as well as every employee’s performance.



Certified system for defining, control and automatic calculating of every employee’s earning/salary, that is based on their performance results and it is connected to variable profit and reward system. By objective and precise earning/salary calculating, every employee is clear how he/she can affect their earning/salary, which in overall increases motivation.



Certified system for employees competencies assessment, that enables company to behave with a goal to increasing results and employees work efficiency. System provides achieving best results in upgrading companies and employees effectiveness and functionality, and above all with minimal resources and time investment.

i HR

i HR

System for functional administration of Human Resources that enables to HR Managers to have complete employees’ profiles overview, vacations, demands, related documents, activities towards employees, HR archive and search by variety of parameters. System is innovative and modern with functional approach to Human Resources.

Performance management

We are a leading consulting firm in the areas of performance management and
development of compensation and benefits systems with extensive international experience

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What is performance management

System performance management is a tool that the for the result gives precise information on the work of employees, which facilitates and improves managing. Introduced by companies that want to streamline, systematize and improve their business. The system evaluates and monitors the work of employees, with the aim of increasing productivity, easier management and optimization of existing costs.

Benefits of performance measurement system

• Easier development of the company and making better decisions
• Systematic, modern management
• Reducing the number of errors
• Increasing productivity
• Greater employee satisfaction and motivation
• Better use of existing resources
• Developing plan of educations and more effective staff training
• The flexibility of the system to posible future changes
• Reducing the number of conflict situations
• Greater interest of employees for personal development

What can we do for you

1. To develop and introduce a system that is tailored for your company, in line with your goals and needs
2. To develop a suitable software solution for the system
3. To help in correcting, updating and modernizing your existing system
4. To help you in developing and introducing system by yourself, through our training and consulting

Why is better that we develop a system for you

Because this option:
- provides "turnkey" because you get a complete, precise and operational system tailored to the needs and goals of your company
- saves time and resources
- guarantees the efficiency of the system
- excludes standard errors in developing
- offers the possibility of complete assimilation of the system with the company and employees
- provides management training on how to implement the system
- provides system coordinator training
- provides detailed procedures for implementing the system
- provides our extensive experience in the development and implementation of systems for companies of different profiles and industry

consulting services

Exquisite consulting is being able to see the solution when nobody else can. Combining of past experiences and successful solutions we find the most appropriate approach and model for each client. We see the solutions when nobody else can.


We are leading consulting firm in the areas of performance management and development of compensation and benefit systems, employees skills evaluation and training, and interactive staff recruitment


We evaluate Managers management skills and develop their competencies improvement plan, which results in making them better and more efficient in managing their employees and dealing with problems


We improve our clients business with long term effects, by improving personal and organizational performances and enabling their companies to anticipate problems and optimize operation


Consulting, training and coaching in implementation of inovative methods, for improveing personal and team efficiency, through using mind maps in business, for meetings, presentations etc.


Consulting in the field of intern PR,
public communicating, PR plan creating, overcoming crisis situations, publications writting, social networks activities, public act and representing company in Serbia


Consulting in marketing activities, marketing plan creating and communication tools selecting; complete marketing strategy creating; complete design solutions creating;

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